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Jul 24, 2013 1:00pm EDT
faction were even driving at defense spending to push it down or to restrain it. >> well, they are resisting the calls from their senate counterparts, republicans, who say we need to roll back the sequester cuts, especially as they relate to defense. john mccain is trying to make that case and is trying to work with john mccain and a senate of republican factions breaking from the leadership. that's not happened in the house and we'll see if they can make that happen in the fall. >> you've covered washington tore so many years. have you ever seen the approval rating for congress as low as it is now or government as paralyzed as it seems to be on such important key issues? >> seen a lot of government paralysis, but the 12% approval, 83 disapproval for congress is the lowest in the quarter century history of the nbc/"wall street journal" poll, and it's not good news for anybody really because democrats hold the senate, republicans hold the house. it's kind of a pox on all your houses. >> and nobody likes either of them at all. >> exactly. >> you wonder how -- whether that c
Jul 26, 2013 1:00pm EDT
at the sectors, a defensive day with consumer discretionary stock and, of course not surprisingly commodities. copper has been weak and energy stocks weak. that happens any time you get china concerns. you get weakness in those sectors so the bottom line is anything we've seen this week, number one, what can move the market down is higher interest rates, concerns about higher rates. secondly any kind of concern about weakness in china also moving the market. have a grade great weekend. >> let's go to the nasdaq and seema mody is there following the big moveers? >> tyler, so many individual stock stories. starting with amazon, shares are staging a comeback after the company reported disappointed earnings last night. that's helping the nasdaq pear losses. starbucks, that's the top performing stock on the ndx, the company reporting a beat on earnings thanks to strong demand overseas. comps up 9% in asia and china and the expanded menu seems to bode well. starbucks is firing on all cylinders. we'll have to see if valuation becomes a concern as it trades to a premium on the s&p 500. gilad sciences
Jul 31, 2013 1:00pm EDT
through our defenses. that's why i believe what has happened, the damage to our country is significant and irreversible. what we're talking about is future terrorist attacks. >> and, of course general alexander took a little bit of a lighter note talking about the limits on e-mail collection even he said when it comes to his own daughters. >> i have four daughters. can i go and intercept their e-mails? no. >> can you? >> no, you may be able to. >> i had a chance to catch up with general alexander just after the conference and he told me that he wants edward snowden to come home to the united states from russia to face justice. tyler? >> thank you very much eamon javers reporting from las vegas for us. >> shares of sumantek surging today. the maker of the norton anti-virus software posting better than expected results as customers used more of its security products in the wake of a series of publicized hacking attacks. the stock is up about 40% just so far this year. sue? >> some headlines to tell you about, ty. we start with michael dell. he says he expects his
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3